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Excellent service and complete hotel facilities will make you comfortable at Front One Inn Syariah Jombang. Facilities such as: 24-hour Receptionist, Restaurant, WIFI available in all public areas, making Front One Inn Syariah Jombang the right choice to stay.
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Those of you who come from Jogja, Solo, Klaten and surrounding areas must have heard the culinary name of 'Nasi Kucing'.
Culinary Info / July 19, 2018
One of them is pecel rengkek. Although culinary is simple, but Jombang typical pecel can always make miss (ngangeni) for its taste.
Culinary Info / June 29, 2018
The places of worship belonging to other religions are widely established, including the Jawi Christian Church which can be said to be a Christian historical site in the City of Santri.
Info Religy / June 27, 2018